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Season 2024 available!

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Season 2024 coverage
830 euros per season
(710 GBP)


Season 2024 coverage
1650 euros per season
(1420 GBP)


12 weeks coverage
350 euros
(300 GBP)

All Training Plans require:

Not sure which plan to choose?

The best package for you will depend on your individual needs and goals. If you are new to cycling or just starting to train for a specific event, Package Giro is a good option. It provides you with all of the essential services you need to get started, including a custom training plan and weekly adjustments. Package Giro is appropriate also for very experienced riders, who don't need in depth analysis since they have been training with the use of power meters for several seasons already.

If you are a more experienced cyclist or have specific goals, Package Tour may be a better fit. It includes everything in Package Tour, plus unlimited coach access and analysis. This package is ideal for cyclists who are serious about improving their performance, and are prepared to commit strongly to reach their goals.

If you are only looking for a training plan to cover the winter, or to try it out, or to prepare for a very close event (such as a century ride or granfondo), Package Roubaix is a good option. It provides you with a 12-week training plan and get a taste of what it means training with discipline. 


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