About Us

Simon Gergolet

Numbers Guy, Nerd, and Cycling Coach (also, GoOff founder)

I'm a numbers guy, a nerd, and a cycling coach. I graduated in Finance in Italy and Norway, but I found my true calling in helping cyclists achieve their goals. I have deep insights in data analysis and cycling science, which I use to create personalized training plans for my athletes.

When I'm not coaching, you can find me riding my Colnago around Trieste, Bologna, Milan, or in Watopia. I've raced as an amateur, winning minor races like the Italian Banking Championships, but I've also almost died due to hypothermia in multi-day stages like the Haute Route Alps 2021, where I finished 5th overall.

I can suffer a lot, and unfortunately, I might apply the same principle to the people I coach. But don't worry, I'm also a nice guy, and I always put my athletes' best interests first.